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DuplicateU: Lay The Foundation

DuplicateU teaches a system to help you lay the foundation to duplicate yourself to grow your business. DuplicateU has three modules. Each module is self-paced, and should take about 30 minutes to complete.

In Module 1, you will identify the recurring business activities you do in your business. Once you have found these activities, you will determine which one to automate first to have the greatest impact on your business.

In Module 2, you will learn how to document every step for the process you found in Module 1. This allows you to stop reinventing the wheel with every client and makes your process duplicate-able by someone you want to hire.

In Module 3, you will put the right tools into place to make each repeatable task easier to put into action, thus automating the process.

Upon signup, you will have immediate access to Module 1. After you submit your Module 1 worksheets and receive feedback, Module 2 will open up. Similarly, after you submit your Module 2 worksheets and receive feedback, Module 3 will open up.

With this system, you will have the foundation to grow and scale your business. And in time, this system will give you the freedom you have always desired.
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